Rachel Zoe and Lauren Conrad: My Brush with the Queens of Reality TV

Rachel Zoe. Photography courtesy of QVC.

Are there any kindred spirits out there who obsess over  Bravo’s reality TV series “The Rachael Zoe Project?” While half the time I’m glued to the tube shaking my head thinking “I cannot believe she said/did/wore that,” I also can’t help but drool over the countless racks of designer clothes and shoes that show up in every episode, and the endless parade of celebrities. It’s eye candy— at its finest.

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Jumping on the Skinny Cargo Bandwagon–For Less

Courtesy of redcarpet-fashionawards.com

It’s highly likely that I jumped on the skinny cargo bandwagon because I’m working on a bunch of celebrity fashion trend stories for the Chronicle. (That’s my excuse, at least, for the growing stack of Tinsel Town rags that have piled up next to my bed.) After spotting J Brand’s $230 Houlihan skinnies on everyone from Rihanna to Gwen, I was determined to find a comparably cute pair that wouldn’t break the bank.

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