All That’s Fine and Dandy: Menswear Styleforum 10-year anniversary

It’s not every day that a San Francisco fashion event draws the special breed of stylish male shoppers who probably know the difference between a three-fold versus a four-fold silk grenadine tie or perhaps the finer points of construction of a Goodyear welt wingtip oxford.

Scenes from the Men’s Styleforum 10-year anniversary event at the W Hotel. Handmade ties by San Francisco fashion newcomer Louis Walton. All photos by Edric Itchon.

But at the premiere fashion showcase last month celebrating the 10th anniversary of Styleforum, an online fashion community for men, more than 300 dapper guests turned out at the W Hotel for bespoke suit fittings, complimentary shoe shines and an opportunity to peruse 15 local and national vendors specializing in quality menswear.

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Fashion’s Night Out SF Link Love: Where to Party Tonight

Fashion’s having a party tonight—and everyone’s invited. The annual international event has arrived once again, with retailers around the globe hosting complimentary special events, extended shopping hours, cocktail soirees, and more—all in anticipation of the official kickoff to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Here’s a down-and-dirty round-up of Fashion’s Night Out local event listings for anyone looking for a late night of shopping, people-watching and party-hopping in the Bay Area.

SF Pop Sugar

SF Gate

SF Union Square

Neiman Marcus


Saks Fifth Avenue

Santana Row

My Favorite Outfit: Fashion Designer Bora Han

This week officially kicks off the fashion industry’s fall frenzy starting with national Fashion’s Night Out and the launch of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on Thursday. While I’m busy already prepping and packing for my trip east to cover the shows (stay tuned for future posts backstage from Rodarte and Marc Jacobs!), I’m reminded that there’s some serious talent waiting to be discovered right here in San Francisco.

Fashion designer Bora Han. Photography by Tedd Moon.

Bora Han is an up-and-coming women’s wear designer I predict will headline at Lincoln Center one day. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Han has an intriguing international background and an innovative, original aesthetic.

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Beauty Product Giveaway: John Frieda’s New Full Repair Collection

Courtesy of John Frieda

I’ve been a loyal user of John Frieda haircare for years. As much as I love my salon brands, and, of course, the exclusive hair launches we have at Sephora, nothing beats the thrill of finding a budget-friendly product at the drugstore that actually works.

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All Saints Flagship Store Opens in Union Square (and 25% off sale going on now)

Courtesy of All Saints

If you haven’t stumbled upon the new All Saints store in downtown San Francisco, you’re missing out. The UK retailer opened a gorgeous, two-story flagship in recent weeks, which I wrote about in the December issue of SFIS, on newsstands now.

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Life at Sephora and My Can’t-Live-Without Concealer

Some time has passed since I last posted, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been getting up to speed at my new job at Sephora, where I recently started as a writer and editor for While I am a total fashion hound, beauty is not far down on my list of major obsessions, and Sephora has ended up being a really great fit. (Besides, anywhere where painting your nails in the office could be considered serious “on-the-job research” has to be a pretty awesome place to work!)

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Jumping on the Skinny Cargo Bandwagon–For Less

Courtesy of

It’s highly likely that I jumped on the skinny cargo bandwagon because I’m working on a bunch of celebrity fashion trend stories for the Chronicle. (That’s my excuse, at least, for the growing stack of Tinsel Town rags that have piled up next to my bed.) After spotting J Brand’s $230 Houlihan skinnies on everyone from Rihanna to Gwen, I was determined to find a comparably cute pair that wouldn’t break the bank.

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My Now Famous Purse in Rouge Magazine

I’m usually the one chasing after sources and asking the questions, so it came as an amusing surprise when I was approached six months ago at one of my favorite San Francisco cafes by a fellow fashion editor to be interviewed and photographed for an article.

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Top Five Summer Fashion Trends

Courtesy of

Glamour magazine’s new Ask-a-Stylist iPhone application, which I mentioned in an earlier post , has officially launched and, so far, style questions have been pouring in from all over the world.

This weekend I got a query from a gal in the Netherlands asking for help finding the right color palette for her fair complexion. The wonders of technology!

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Ask Me for Style Advice on Glamour Magazine’s new “Ask-a-Stylist” iPhone App

Courtesy of

We all need a little outside style advice from time to time. Just think of the last time you were at work after a harried morning commute, wondering, “Does this outfit work?” Or maybe you were at the mall asking yourself “Should I buy this?”

Now you can get honest, instantaneous advice on the go. Soon I’ll be starting a new gig as an online style advisor for Glamour magazine’s new Ask-a-Stylist iPhone app. Powered by San Mateo-based, the app is free and super easy to use.

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