All That’s Fine and Dandy: Menswear Styleforum 10-year anniversary

It’s not every day that a San Francisco fashion event draws the special breed of stylish male shoppers who probably know the difference between a three-fold versus a four-fold silk grenadine tie or perhaps the finer points of construction of a Goodyear welt wingtip oxford.

Scenes from the Men’s Styleforum 10-year anniversary event at the W Hotel. Handmade ties by San Francisco fashion newcomer Louis Walton. All photos by Edric Itchon.

But at the premiere fashion showcase last month celebrating the 10th anniversary of Styleforum, an online fashion community for men, more than 300 dapper guests turned out at the W Hotel for bespoke suit fittings, complimentary shoe shines and an opportunity to peruse 15 local and national vendors specializing in quality menswear.

“I love that Styleforum isn’t really about what’s trendy or on the runway,” said Nan Yu, 26, a Styleforum member and recent New York transplant, who left the event with a new Italian sport coat. “We talk about topics like classic suit construction and other fashion-related things that are high end and more esoteric.”

An interactive dip-dyeing station, courtesy of San Francisco’s Revolver, where clients could create handmade scarves; artisanal leather moccasins by Yuketen; Jack Knife Outfitters‘ salvaged Japanese denim; and custom-order neckwear by San Francisco fashion newcomer Louis Walton were just a few of the show’s highlights.

The weekend’s celebrations, which in total attracted more than 400 guests, also included a Friday night screening of Gianluca Migliarotti’s documentary film about Neapolitan tailoring, followed by a dinner at Credo, and a Saturday-night after-party at the W Lounge.

With 115,000 members and 1.05 million unique page views monthly, co-owner Fok Yan Leung said Seattle-based Styleforum is already planning to have future events in San Francisco, where its tech partners, Huddler, as well as a large contingent of their membership resides.

“In menswear, construction matters a lot,” said Leung of the vendors recruited for the event. “Men tend to have conservative values in clothing, rather than the seasonal tastes typical of women. The fashion you’ll find here are things you’ll have for 10 years or more and represent quality and value.”

Leather oxfords by Southern California-based Yuketen.

San Francisco’s own Goorin Bros. hat company.

By Nerissa Pacio Itchon; As seen in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, June 24, 2012

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