Ask Me for Style Advice on Glamour Magazine’s new “Ask-a-Stylist” iPhone App

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We all need a little outside style advice from time to time. Just think of the last time you were at work after a harried morning commute, wondering, “Does this outfit work?” Or maybe you were at the mall asking yourself “Should I buy this?”

Now you can get honest, instantaneous advice on the go. Soon I’ll be starting a new gig as an online style advisor for Glamour magazine’s new Ask-a-Stylist iPhone app. Powered by San Mateo-based, the app is free and super easy to use.

Just upload a photo of an outfit, type your question and click submit. Within about three minutes or less, you’ll get sound, real-time style advice from a Glamour magazine-trained expert.

So far questions I have seen have ranged from “Which dress should I pick for my sweet sixteen?” to “What coat should I wear to work with khakis and a polo shirt?” Apparently, the ladies aren’t the only ones getting in on the online fashion action.

You can also request particular stylists from the national team, so be sure to look for me!

**Update: This app is now powered by Google. Also check out a story about the launch of this app in the Wall Street Journal by clicking here.**


  1. I wish I had an iPhone. This morning I would have asked, “What should I wear with the swan-printed thrift store sweater-dress that I think of as my personal homage to Bjork?”

    • Ah, you’re really testing me now! How about a look that’s Carrie Bradshaw meets Bjork: a feathered hair accessory (Why not just go ALL the way?) and a great pair of heels?!

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