Life at Sephora and My Can’t-Live-Without Concealer

Some time has passed since I last posted, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been getting up to speed at my new job at Sephora, where I recently started as a writer and editor for While I am a total fashion hound, beauty is not far down on my list of major obsessions, and Sephora has ended up being a really great fit. (Besides, anywhere where painting your nails in the office could be considered serious “on-the-job research” has to be a pretty awesome place to work!)

A good chunk of my day entails writing about the new products that launch on the e-commerce site, which means getting the first glimpse at the newest beauty goods to hit the international market.  I also just started contributing to Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog, where I’ll be periodically reviewing products and posting on other timely industry trends and topics—so be sure to check me out on the web there as well.
For those of you who have been eagerly asking me about my latest insider recommendations, I’ll definitely be adding more beauty posts to the mix in the coming months. Today, my personal testimonial goes to Cover FX’s Camouflage Concealer. I didn’t know a ton about this brand until I started working here. But now that I’ve tried it, I marvel that I had gone so long without discovering this cult favorite.

The concealer works with any skin type, but is ideal for those with combination or oily skin like mine. Doubling as a stay-put primer, the concealer lasts all day and doesn’t settle into fine lines like other slip-and-slide formulas—my main gripe with most concealers I’ve tried. It’s ideal for the under-eye area to even out dark circles or for subtle blemish concealment using a fine-point brush. I have been using this product daily for three weeks, and I will not leave home without it!

Now tell me, what’s your favorite concealer–or other beauty product–of all time?

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  1. I probably don’t use concealer as much as I should (lord knows I have plenty to conceal), but I’ve become a fan of Bumble and bumble’s curl conscious products. I so wanted to believe that drugstore cheapies worked just as well, but it just ain’t true.

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