Design Watch: The Best of the SF Capsule Festival

Summery street style from SF's Capsule Design Festival on May 1, 2011. All photos by Edric Itchon.

It’s a rare moment when it’s sunny enough for San Franciscans to unearth  sundresses, straw hats, and even parasols from their all-season closets. But that’s what happened this weekend at the Capsule Design Festival in Hayes Valley. From crafters of one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry to masters of the letterpress, here are the photo-worthy scenes, on-trend fashions, and designers to watch from this festive, bi-annual event.

Stretch applique headbands by local designer Doe Eyed and Pigeon Toed
Steampunk style: leather combat boots, tats, and a lace-trimmed parasol.
Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind statement rings made from carved Indonesian wood and found objects by J. Fein Designs
Fine handmade jewelry, not for the faint of heart, by Mina Caragay of Dear Mina
Matching couple capris!
Recycled vintage jewelry by The Weekend Store
In love with this vintage harmonica necklace by The Weekend Store. Adore!

That's me...contemplating a purchase.


  1. You are dressed so festival-appropriate! I love any designer who has to put up a sign warning you not to play the harmonicas.

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