NY Fashion Week: More lines, Central Park, and Scenes from 9/11

Today’s the first morning I’ve had all week to really sit down, look at all the images my husband Edric and I have been taking…and write. I needed to pull out for an hour and get some kind of semblance of my normal routine in San Francisco, so I went for a long  run in Central Park, grabbed a breakfast sandwich at a liquor-store-deli after, (which had a line out the door–so I figured it must be cheap and/or good!), and stopped for a Starbucks iced coffee (it’s pushing 80 degrees with high humidity).

A view from my run this morning through Central Park.


The frenetic pace of backstage reporting and the rush to get from one runway show to the next, just so the fashion herds can hurry up and wait, has been both fun and exhausting–especially in heels. Good thing I’ve got a quick change of comfy flip flops in my bag always at the ready.

Waiting in line to get into the J Mendel show yesterday at Lincoln Center Theater.

But really, I can’t complain. There’s more fashion and beauty coverage to come, but for now, a glimpse at scenes around town while Edric and I were wandering the city on 9/11 Sunday. (Collage photos by Edric Itchon)


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