Sipping, Shopping and Staying in Ghirardelli Square

Nothing beats those leisurely weekend trips to Napa, but it’s always a treat when you can stay local and the wineries make their way to the city. Saturday was the 5th annual Uncorked! festival in San Francisco where more than 40 wineries set up booths along the wharf and in Ghirardelli Square for an afternoon of wine-tasting under the sun.

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Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola Light Ads Make a Splash in France

I kicked my soda-drinking habit a couple of years ago in an effort to live a little healthier, but while traveling through France earlier this month I started to get serious cravings for Diet Coke.

Maybe it was just the next phase to follow that slippery slope I had rapidly fallen down after daily indulgences in chocolate, croissants, and entire bricks of cheese. But then again, the cravings could very well have been a result of brilliant advertising working on my subconscious.

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