Your Do-gooder Deed: Enter Darphin’s Online Contest

Darphin Hydraskin Essential. Courtesy of Darphin Paris.

Between email, Twitter, Facebook and the seemingly endless lists of blogs and social networking sites out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the chatter. I’ll often have post-web surfing remorse after spending way too much time not getting “real work” done, derailed by a friend emailing me a random but funny You Tube clip or happening upon an intriguing marketing campaign that’s gone viral.

Darphin Paris is the latest such company to snag my ever-wandering attention on the web, and not just because their line of gorgeously packaged and effective products have proven to be one of my beauty counter favorites.

In an effort to promote their best-selling Hydraskin Essential moisturizer, Darphin has launched , which asks readers what they’d do with a $50 windfall. Every entry submitted on the website equals a chance to win a full-size bottle of its reformulated all-day Hydraskin emulsion and a New York City spa getaway for two, and more importantly, a $2 donation to the IDEAL Providence Farm, a women’s cooperative in Ghana. The contest ends April 21; winners will be announced on May 1. Not only did I post my entry today completely guilt-free, but I spent a few extra minutes doing a little good online!

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