My Winter Beauty Obsession: Benefit’s Bella Bamba Blush

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Benefit’s Bella Bamba boxed blush may be a mouthful, but the dazzling color is definitely worth talking about. So perfect is this universally flattering shade of watermelon pink, Benefit hails it as “a 3D brightening pink face powder”—and I couldn’t agree more.

Not only does it have a new flip-top magnetic closure and mirror inside the lid—a convenient upgrade to this latest addition to the brand’s boxed powder collection—but it also smells delicious and has added amplifying effects.

Even on days like today when the weather outside is frightful, and my complexion is channeling the winter blues, this shimmering gold-laced hue makes me look like I stole Linda Evangelista‘s cheekbones (well, okay … almost!) and my skin is beautifully luminescent. Even if I’m about to miss my morning train and I’m dashing like a madwoman out the door, I always manage to swipe on a bit of Bella Bamba for that instant glow on the go.

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