My Favorite Outfit: Fashion Grad Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith. Photographed on the roof of her NY apartment share by roommate and stylist Rayna Basta.

Caitlin Smith is one of those people who effortlessly oozes style. I knew this when she showed up at my office for an editorial internship at 7×7 a couple years ago, and mere moments after meeting her I knew that she had the gut fashion instinct needed for the job.

She’s gone on to prove that my hunch was on the mark. This  summer, she was hired on as a fashion intern at Nylon magazine, taking Manhattan by storm, enduring a few “Devil Wears Prada” moments of her own, and coming out with a whole lot of  crazy survival stories— and some very cool published clips.

She’s back in SF, having recently graduated from the Art Institute of California as a fashion marketing and merchandising major as of last week. Don’t be surprised if you do a double take if you happen to see her on the street dressed in what I like to call her particular brand of boho-gothic chic.

Name: Caitlin Smith

Occupation: Recent Fashion Marketing Graduate

Age: 23

Where I live: The Tenderloin, San Francisco

What I’m wearing: “Vintage floral dress (bought at my friend Ria’s yard sale). Sheer gray American Apparel tank. Deena & Ozzy black lace-up wedges. Vintage Onch necklace (bought on Canal Street).

Why this is my favorite outfit: “I’m drawn to dark floral— it’s what dominates my wardrobe. Anything romantic mixed with a bit of darkness is my favorite thing to wear. I’m prone to layers and wrapping myself up in an outfit, so I love how much coverage I get with this, but it’s still very feminine.”

When I wore this outfit: “Everywhere really—to the movies, a birthday party … to work.”

How I’d remix this outfit: “A big floppy hat is nice for a beach day and a nice jacket and some heels makes for a perfect night look. I’ll usually wear it with a sheer black button up for something more casual. And when I’m riding my bike, sometimes I’ll tie a knot in the back of the dress, which actually looks kind of cute.”

Favorite shop I discovered in NY: “Surprisingly, I haven’t really been enjoying the shopping in New York as much as I do in San Francisco. But I have to say, I’ll miss Topshop. … I’ve always loved their things and it was exciting to finally have access to the store. Also, Beacon’s Closet—an overwhelmingly packed consignment store located within a warehouse in Williamsburg—is a good place to rummage around in.”

Favorite shop in SF:Wasteland on Haight. Many of the gems within my wardrobe have been found there. Their buyers have a great eye and it’s the perfect mix of new and old.”

What piece I’m coveting for Fall/Winter: “A beautiful, dusty emerald, drapey velvet shirt that I spotted at Madewell.”

My ultimate fashion fantasy is…. “Waking up in my apartment in Paris to a gigantic walk-in closet full of a never-ending supply of beautiful vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.”


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