Sketchbooks, Clothes, and Wearable Art: More from the Arts of Fashion 10th Anniversary Symposium

One of the amazing pieces produced during the four-week Arts of Fashion Summer MasterClass in Paris. The women's wear incorporated intricate pleating techniques that students learned from working under master pleat-maker Gerard Lognon.

Earlier this week I wrote about the Arts of Fashion’s 10th Anniversary Symposium at the San Francisco Art Institute and the winners of the international student design competition. I was so inspired by the creativity and high level of craftsmanship, achieved in a short amount of time, I had to bring you more photos I took of the exhibitions.

The set up reminded me a lot of the Hyeres International Fashion and Photography Festival in the South of France, where each emerging designer had on display their portfolios, including mini “mood boards” and original sketches, alongside the final pieces. Seeing the story of the work is often as intriguing for me as seeing the work itself. It gives me the chance to get inside a designer’s head for that brief moment and make the connection between the original inspirations and the final outcomes. The clothes ranged from beautiful and commercially sellable to odd wearable art—and everything in between.


  1. These designs are so amazing! I think I just fell in love with that purplish-gray dress with the pleated collar. I would feel like I was wearing a river every time I put it on.

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